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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

All for A Good Cause

By Rachel H

I have recently learned about a few inspiring stories and generous ideas going on in our area. I have fundraisers, charities, and events listed below taking place in all areas of the Triad. I know these stories will touch our readers and that you will want to become involved! The first event takes place tomorrow, and the rest are within the next month. The 1.1.11 mission will continue throughout the year. Please take some time to read these remarkable stories below and show your support where possible!

Warriors for Wells - As mentioned, this first event is tomorrow, Wednesday, April 21, 2010. You can go out to eat and raise money for The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation at the same time! Plan to eat lunch, dinner or BOTH at The Loop Pizza Grill in W-S and 10% of the revenues all day will go to The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in honor of Wells Clark and the Warriors for Wells team! Wells Clark is a nine year old boy who was diagnosed at just three weeks old with Cystic Fibrosis. Wells demonstrates tremendous courage and hope as he fights daily against this life threatening disease. Wells stays active playing soccer, basketball and baseball, but this disease is still wreaking havoc on his young lungs.

There is currently NO CURE for Cystic Fibrosis and the median life expectancy is 37 years of age. Warriors for Wells was formed when Wells was six months old, and the team participated in the first Cystic Fibrosis Great Strides Walk to raise funds towards a cure for Cystic Fibrosis. Warriors for Wells will not stop the fight until the cure is found.

Please help spread the word! Visit The Loop tomorrow and be sure to tell the cashier you are there for the Warriors for Wells event so they can keep track of the donations. Visit the Warriors for Wells Facebook page
here. You can also learn more about this year’s Great Strides Walk here, which takes place this Saturday!

America’s Most Wanted All-Star - On Oct. 7, 2009, Sgt. Mickey Hutchens of the Winston-Salem Police Department was shot in the face while he was backing up two officers who were doing a domestic violence warrant service.
Mickey died just five days later. During the domestic dispute, this man who shot Mickey, also shot Officer Daniel Clark. Although Daniel was wounded and knocked to the ground, he was able to return fire, killing the suspect. Many of you remember this incident and can agree that we may never know how many lives Daniel saved that day, because the suspect had already tried to enter the nearby Bojangles Restaurant. Thanks to these two officers, the public was kept safe.

Daniel Clark has been nominated for America's Most Wanted All Star. We would love for all of the Triad to help honor him by
voting for him here. You can vote once a day until May 3rd. Wouldn’t it be wonderful for Daniel to get the recognition he deserves for all he has done to protect the public?

Drake Naylor Invitational - Drake Naylor was born on August 24, 2005. He has a rare chromosome abnormality which has left him deaf/blind and severally multi-handicapped. After realizing how many families were affected by different disabilities, Drake’s parents, Shane and Trish, wanted to help those who had helped them. In May of 2006, the Naylor family and Shane’s Sporting Clays decided to host the Drake Naylor Invitational, an event to help support the
Greensboro Cerebral Palsy Infant/Toddler Association housed at the Gateway School.

They had hoped to raise around $5,000, but at the end of the day, on May 27, 2006, they had raised almost $53,000!!! It showed everyone, including Drake, what a difference we can make TOGETHER.
This year is the 5th Annual Drake Naylor Invitational. It will take place on May 29th. The event is held at Shane’s Sporting Clays and is held like a golf tournament, but instead you will be shooting clay targets! And for those who don't shoot, there will be lunch by Sagebrush (please reserve your seat) and a fab silent auction!!! You can learn more about the event here.

The 1-1-11 Mission - This is a worldwide campaign started by two women – Debby Yennaco and Carolyn Flaherty. We have 1 world, we are blessed with 1 life, you are 1 person, and 1 person can make 1 HUGE difference. YOU are instrumental to the mission. Together as 1 we will raise $1,000,000 for charity by 1-1-11.

The mission will be accomplished by selling 1,000,000 tee shirts for $11.11 each. The tee shirt looks great, as you can see, and is printed with water based inks on organic cotton grown to be friendly to our 1 world. You can purchase your mission shirt at .

These ladies are so certain that this challenge will be successful that they are offering back to the members of our mission.
The 111th person to purchase a tee shirt will receive the shirt for free. The 1,111 person to purchase will receive $111. The 11,111 person to purchase will receive $1,111. The 111,111 person to purchase will receive $11,111. If the goal is surpassed and sales reach 1,111,111 the purchaser of that shirt will receive $111,111. This is how they commit to make a difference in your 1 life and thank you for making 1 HUGE difference in lives around the world. Visit the website to read more about the charities that you will help out, along with personal stories from those who can directly benefit from this mission.

High Point Firefighters Association 5K Charity Run - The purpose of the High Point Firefighters Association Charity Run is to assist those who give of themselves selflessly. This is a way to support the people who put our lives before their own each and every day. We would love for you to visit this website to learn more about this event, take part in it, donate, or simply spread the word. This first year, they are supporting two different charities, the fire department and the police department. Both are all donation charities and both are tax deductible! The event takes place on May 8, 2010 - Rain or shine! 5K Run Start time at 08:30am, Entry Fee: $25.00, 1 Mile Fun Run Start time at 08:00 am - Until the day of the race $10.00.

Strollers for the Cure- Now you can get involved in the Race for the Cure event even if you have little ones in tow! Participants of the 11th Annual Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure can register to take part in a free event called Strollers for the Cure. The race will be held on Saturday, May 1, 2010, at Salem Academy and College. The start line will be at the Old Salem Visitor Center across from Old Salem in W-S. In case you missed our blog on Race for the Cure, you can find it

Infant/toddler t-shirts will be available for purchase the day of the race at the Strollers for the Cure tent. There will also be juices and kiddie food at the tent. Join in and decorate your stroller, because prizes will be given to the most creative and unique decorations. Decorations will also be available at the tent once you arrive. We hope some of our Smarty Mommas out there will choose to participate and show your children how you can make a difference! find out more at


Connie said...

All of these are wonderful! Just voted for Officer Clark!

Anonymous said...

COAT (Community Outreach of Archdale Trinity) is hosting an event this Saturday, April24th from 10-4 at Trinity High School. They are asking that you bring food and clothing donations to help support needy children in the Archdale/Trinity area. The website is: if you would like more information about the event. There will be food, live music, a children’s area, and much more!!

JessMess said...

Thanks so much for posting these. Always looking for events like this to take my children to and teach good lessons!

Emily said...

I love that 1-1-11 idea! The t-shirts are super cute, too. I'll help spread the word!

Anonymous said...

Planning to attend Strollers for the Cure! Look out for our sassy stroller! :)


Anonymous said...

Not to be a downer, but in regards to the 1.1.11 mission, while this is a neat idea, I'm disturbed that only $1 of each shirt purchased will actually go to research/charities. I guess you have to take things one step at a time, and even a small step is a step in the right direction, but it seems to me you would be better off to donate your money to a tax deductible organization that will use 100% of your donation for a cause.

The sale of these shirts will generate in excess of $10 million dollars (after the payouts to lucky recipients). Seems to me that $10 million could be better spent if donated directly to the various societies (MS, ALS, breast cancer, etc) that the shirts are designed to raise money for.

Anonymous said...

I, as a founder of 1.1.11, have to respond to the comment regarding the donation to charity vs. proceeds from the shirt. The shirts are 100% organic cotton. The inks are non-toxic printed state of the art and must be double printed to achieve the high quality resolution of the graphic (THIS IS NOT SCREEN PRINTING). You couldn't buy an organic shirt nevermind a regular shirt with a cool design like this for $11.11 anywhere I know of. This is a mission and you can be part of it and make a difference. Please remember that not 100% of your donations to 501(c)(3) charities even go to the cause. They have salaries and expenses just as we do. I hope that the vast majority will understand the value of uniting people together for a completely awesome cause that when achieved will make for an incredible new year's celebration. I also hope that people enjoy sporting a super cool & inexpensive tee and knowing they are part of something more than themselves. With the organic tee you can improve our 1 earth and the lives of many. Regards - Carolyn Flaherty 508 446-4756
Thank you to our supporters!!

Angela said...

Friends For An Earlier Breast Cancer Test(r) said...

The 15th annual Gathering of Friends is taking place in October and you don't want to miss the dinner or the lunch! Dinner is October 19th at The Grandover Resort and features keynote speaker Vicki Lawrence (actress, singer, author, and beloved star of "Mama's Family". Lunch will be held October 27th at the Sheraton Four Season/Koury Convention Center and we will be joined by Kelly Corrigan (NY Times best selling author of "The Middle Place" and "Lift"). Proceeds benefit the non-profit organization Friends For An Earlier Breast Cancer Test. Visit to purchase tickets!

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