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Friday, April 23, 2010

Smarty Party Idea: William G. White, Jr. YMCA

By Katie M

As a loyal member of the William G. White, Jr. YMCA for nearly six years, I can personally assure you that any birthday party you book at this facility will be a party your child will cherish and remember. For years, the staff at this YMCA branch (775 West End Blvd in Winston-Salem) has made me feel like family each and every time I walk in their doors. The staff is outgoing, helpful and fun, and every employee who comes in contact with my children is exceptional with care and support.

If this is something I can expect every day, then imagine what you’ll experience if you book a personal birthday party here! You may have seen this facility on our birthday party directory. Well, we are now excited to help spread the word that the William G. White YMCA has an expanded selection of party formats and themes. Plus, mention Triad Smarty Pants when you book your party, and they will also give you 10% off your first party. Keep reading to get all the scoop!

When it comes to party ideas, there are few places that can give you the variation in formats and themes as the William G. White YMCA. All parties are for two hours and can be booked on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays. Available hours vary so check to see what works best for you. Parties and prices are for up to 12 children. Additional children can be added for $3/child, and the party rooms can comfortable accommodate up to 20 guests. The YMCA does not provide food or beverages but has a refrigerator and freezer available. Food can also be ordered in.

Here are quick descriptions and fees for the kinds of parties you can book:

XRZone Party!
This is the newest addition to the YMCA’s party formats, and includes two hours of cutting edge fun for children ages 8 and older. Your child and his guests can spend one hour in the XRZone competing on virtual snowboards, racing bikes and playing interactive games, and the second hour can be spent in a private party room where everyone can enjoy cake, play games or make a craft. For an additional fee, children can experience a climbing wall too! Price: YMCA Facility members $200 (+$50 climbing wall); Non-members $250 (+$50 climbing wall).

Extravaganza Party!
The birthday child and friends can spend one hour in the Adventure Room all to themselves where they can climb, slide, tumble and more. Children need to be three-years-old and potty trained to enter the Adventure Room. The rest of the party can be spent in the private party room. Price: YMCA Facility Members: $150; Non-members $200.

Big Splash Party!
Reserve one hour in our pool and enjoy the rest of the party in a private party room. For this party, children are given a swim test by the lifeguard before they enter the pool. At least one adult must accompany every three children for parties with children under age five. Children ages 6-8 must be accompanied by at least two adults in the water for every 12 children. Children aged 9 and up must be accompanied by at least two adults on deck next to the pool. All children needing diapers must wear plastic-lined swim diapers or disposable swim diapers, and all guests must bring their own towels. Price: YMCA Facility Members: $150; Non-members $200.

Basketball Party!
Your child and his guests can enjoy one hour on the court all to themselves, and then one hour in a private party room. A dedicated – and enthusiastic - party host will be on-hand to lead the party through fun games and drills on the court. Price: YMCA Facility Members: $150; Non-members $200.

Bounce House Party!
One hour in the bounce house reserved just for party-goers + one hour in a private party room = fun, fun, fun! This party also comes with a dedicated party host to ensure kids are bouncing safely while leading the group through fun games. Price: YMCA Facility Members: $150; Non-members $200.

In addition to these great party formats, you can also choose special themes and colors to go along with your child’s party. These themes include: Classic Birthday (a colorful celebration of red, blue, yellow and green), Princess for a Day (a most glamorous party in pink, purple and white), Under the Sea (make a big splash with blue, green and aqua), Sports Package (have a ball in orange, black and white), and The Big Top (have a circus with fun colors like red, white and blue).

And if you have a different theme in mind, the YMCA may be able to accommodate your request. Just ask!

So, “Y not” have our party at the William G. White, Jr. YMCA? Like I said above, you have my personal smarty stamp of approval for this party pick! Call now to reserve your party (721-2100) and hurry because reservations fill quickly!

Have you booked a party here? Are you thinking about it? Let us know!

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Helen said...

I did not realize you could have a party at the Y without being a member! My children both have winter birthdays, so we are always looking for indoor facilities!

Anonymous said...

I had two questions:

If I am a member of the Y, will they still honor the 10% off for TSP readers on top of our lower price for parties?

Also I thought we had one month to send out our ten cards for the giveaway, but the reminder on this blog says we only have one more week (april 30) Which one is correct?

Thank you,

Katie M said...

To anonymous above, yes, you should be able to redeem the 10% at the Y whether you are a member or not. Ask for Sean Halstead and tell him you read this on TSP. Make sure you contact the William G. White YMCA about this 10% discount; it does not apply to other YMCA branches.

Regarding the Send Out Cards contest, we are running their promotion on our site until April 30 for readers to sign up. After that, you have one month with Send Out Cards to send free cards. However, you may be able to contact them at a later time to try and redeem the cards, but I cannot guarantee that.

Thanks for these good questions.

Katie M said...

Just to clarfy (I felt like my answer above might be confusing), you have until April 30 to register with Send Out Cards, and then one month to use their service for 10 free cards. Does that make better sense?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the quick reply! Yes, all makes sense!

Brooke F. said...

Both of my kids have January birthdays that are two weeks apart so we did a joint bday party for them at the W. G. White YMCA this year and it was the best party we've ever had! We did the bounce house party and they also pulled out the soccer goals and balls and lowered the basketball goals to entertain the kids who weren't up for bouncing. We had kids ranging from 1-5 and they were all entertained the entire time. They accomodated every request I had and the helper they provide was great with the kids and did all the decorating and clean up. I found it to be much cheaper and a more relaxed atmosphere than I've experienced at other similar facilities. We were able to bounce/play as long as we wanted and had the option of going back to bounce more after we had cake. Needless to say, we will be back again next year!

birthday party theme said...

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