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Monday, April 19, 2010

Smarty Sponsor: Kathy Dollyhigh Photography

By Katie M

How many times have you literally pulled your hair out getting your child to smile, sit still or – at minimum - look at you when you are trying to get that perfect shot? We’ve all been there as moms and although we see it as frustrating, Kathy Dollyhigh of Kathy Dollyhigh Photography actually sees it as opportunity. In fact, she specializes in photographing children because they are uninhibited. She loves to let them be who they are without enforcing poses, and she thrives on the challenges that go along with capturing them in “the moment.” She especially loves capturing newborns in photos and the natural beauty that comes about. Well, we at TSP say, “Thank goodness for patient and talented photographers like Kathy,” and we thought you’d agree.

Based in Greensboro, Kathy has been in the photography business for more than 25 years. She started shooting weddings for friends, and with their encouragement, grew her business from there. Kathy is a member of the Professional Photographers of NC, and has been a full-time photographer since 1996. She is based in the Fisher Park neighborhood of GSO and specializes in capturing kids - from age 0 to teenager.

So what sets Kathy apart from other children photographers? She’s super laid-back and that shows in her work. She lets kids be kids and parents be parents, and in the end everyone is happy and the pictures turn out amazing! Isn’t that what we all strive for anyway?

Kathy’s style is definitely traditional. Her angles and lighting depict this, and she has the artistic flexibility to capture wonderful candid looks. And her assistants are ready to work with all temperaments of children. They don’t rely on a lot of toys and props, yet they have lots of tricks of their sleeves to promise a smooth session every time.

If you doubt she can sail through a session with your “active” child, then get this: she can actually include you in the sitting with your child and “cut” you out of the final photograph if you’d rather not be in it. Ok, that’s pretty cool! And she is always welcome to feedback and ideas during her session because she wants to be sure parents get what they are paying for.

Not only does she specialize in traditional shots, but Kathy always strives to give her clients what they want, whether that means unusual vignette shots with black and white film, or prints enhanced with light or heavy hand-tinted oils - just ask. All of these extra touches are done by real artists and not a computer which results in a natural look every time.

Apparently, we are not the only ones who think we discovered a gem with Kathy. Here’s what some of her clients have said:

“Kathy is a remarkable photographer with many years of experience working with the public. Her work exceeds any that I have seen elsewhere and her ways with those she photographs are exceptional. Her efforts to capture the personality and nature of her clients always come through in her work. I would recommend Kathy Dollyhigh Photography to any that want work of excellent quality and a good overall experience." - Emily Meyer

“I still LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the portrait of McKinley - it is just EXACTLY what I wanted and I look at it every day and think how much I enjoy it !!” - Sandy Wilborne

“Kathy Dollyhigh photographed our wedding, and I fell in love with her work! Since then, she has photographed all three of my children at those crucial developmental milestones. She has the knack of capturing each child’s unique personality. Kathy is a joy to work with!” - Lora Wentz

In addition to personal sittings with children, Kathy also does special events, business head shots, family photos, and restorations. She also offers a special monthly series for parents with repeat sessions, such as birth, three months, and six months - or for ages 1, 2, 6, 9, for example. It’s a great way to capture a similar timeless look time after time.

And beginning this May, Kathy is offering a Spring Special. From Tuesday, May 11 – Saturday, May 29, clients can get an outdoor session for just $85 which includes two 5x7 and two 4x5 prints of the same image. The session is for one child and $10 for each additional child. Full-lengths and close-ups of each individual and each group is taken. She does this every spring. Doesn’t get much better than that!

So please welcome our latest Smarty photographer, Kathy Dollyhigh. If we’ve convinced you to book a session with Kathy, please tell her Triad Smarty Pants sent you! Mention Triad Smarty Pants and you can get $25 off your regular portrait session if booked before August 31, 2010!

Let us know if you’ve worked with Kathy and how great your session was!


Anonymous said...

For the special, does it need to take place during those dates listed, or just be booked during that time. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I just booked mine and the spring special is available during those dates.
I used her a few years ago and my pictures turned out wonderful!
I can't wait to try this spring special.
Kathy, you really are amazing!!! Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

We LOVE working with Kathy! Great demeanor with the kids and the pictures always turn out great.

Victoria said...

Thanks for always showcasing photographers! It has been fun to see so many different styles and find out about people from all over the area. We have some great talent to choose from!

Kathy Dollyhigh said...

The special will take place during those weeks of May unless we have to reschedule because of bad weather. With that being said, just call and we can see what your needs are.
Kathy Dollyhigh

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