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Monday, April 12, 2010

Smarty Alert: Call for Mommy Bloggers, Festivals, and Day Care Programs!

By Katie M

Ok, readers. We've had a lot of requests from you all to blog about fun summer festivals in our area, trusted day care centers, and of course, more mommy bloggers. We had such a fantastic response to our first blog featuring local mommy bloggers, that we thought we'd do it again.

So, in more detail, here is the information we are seeking by April 30:

1. Please email us any fun summer festivals happening in your area of the Triad. Ideally, we want family festivals - and if it's free that's even better! Send us the name of the event, location, dates/times, web site link (if applicable) and any contact information for the festival (if applicable).

2. We are also wanting to create a list of trusted and "smarty-approved" day care centers in the Triad, much like we did for our preschools. If you have a day care center you'd like to nominate, email us and send us the name of the daycare, address, web site (if applicable), phone and email address (if applicable) plus a few sentences why you like this particular day care so much.

3. If you are a mom who blogs or you know of one - someone who blog for the fun of it and not for profit - then send us a link to the blog! We plan to check out all your mommy blogs and plug as many as we can on our site here. We did this once before and had a great response! If you blog, you know how important viral marketing is. And we're here to help with just that! Please email us your url addresses for consideration.

We hope to compile all this information from you by April 30 so we can run these blogs shortly thereafter. Thanks for all your help!


MrsAshley said...

How fun! I emailed you.


Kirby 1960 said...

This is a sample of what I do.

Anonymous said...

I am sending some ideas your way for all of these!!


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