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Monday, April 26, 2010

Smarty Find:

If you're looking for a unique Mother's Day gift, or a hint to offer your husband, be sure to check out this recent Smarty Find by TSP loyal reader Ryan Leigh Runyon:

I’m a pen-and-paper girl when it comes to my calendar. I’ve spent many years calendar-hopping, rarely using any type of calendar more than once. I been using a momAgenda for nine months now, and I’m ready to order my next one for 2010-2011. I have the Desktop style, a 17-month calendar that runs August-December, and I’ve added a momAgenda pocket inside the front cover to hold tickets, invitations, blank note cards, and stamps. It has plenty of room for all of my “to-dos” and appointments, the details of my kids’ school events and activities, and my husband’s work and on-call schedule – without looking cluttered. Just one more of the many reasons I love my momAgenda - it still looks nearly as good as the day I bought it! There are no bent corners, no stains from spilled drinks, and no torn-out pages. It’s sturdy, functional, and wrapped in a pretty package. I think I’ll get turquoise next! - RLR


Rachel H said...

Awesome find, Ryan Leigh! And it looks like the style you have is on sale! I am the organizing queen so I am always looking for things like this. It was hard to tell from the pictures, but do you feel like you have enough room each day to write appointments? It seemed small, but may have just been the pic!

RLR said...

Thanks, Rachel H! I have plenty of space for keeping track of things. The momAgenda desktop is 7x9 and has a 2-page spread for each week. Roughly the top half of the page holds my appointments and to-dos, and the bottom is divided into rows for each member of my family. I have an 'extra' row at the bottom that I could use if I need to, but that rarely happens.

Anonymous said...

I have had one for the last two years and LOVED it! In Jan I was in a hurry and picked up another kind and I don't like it at all...I miss mine and can't wait to go back for another!

RLR said...

Anonymous - did you have the desktop or the mini daily? Would love to have a mini-daily user chime in about their experience!

Heidi Farmer said...

I chose Zebra print this year so I can locate it on my countertop. But perhaps I shouldn't admit that they aren't always spiffy clean!?!

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