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Friday, April 9, 2010

Smarty Sponsor: Summit School

By Guest Blogger Katie L. Grubbs

“Can I go to school tomorrow?” was the question from my son. I responded that school wasn’t open on Saturdays and the doors would be locked. “Can’t we break in? I know my teacher wouldn’t mind!”

Junior Kindergarten at Summit School was a magical year for my son. It started with his one hour visit to determine his readiness and fit for the program. I didn’t know if he would separate well or pitch a fit. When my husband and I walked out of the room and he quietly stayed where he was, engaged in play with a teacher, I was amazed...

My son will tell you his favorite things about Junior Kindergarten were baking gingerbread men and making dinosaur pillows. (He also wanted me to note that he enjoyed playing in the block area and in the balcony but not as much as making gingerbread men.) My list is a bit different, though. I was impressed with how he learned to make friends. Many of his new friends weren’t even in his class…they were fellow Junior Kindergartners he’d met on the playground!
I still do not know if that was a culture the teachers created intentionally or not, but I was and remain grateful for it. He also created countless art treasures, dressed up and boarded the Mayflower, learned to write his letters and taught me about recycling and going green!

When we graduated to Kindergarten this year, I was as nervous as my son. However, I immediately
felt better when I realized that at Summit, Kindergarten is still Kindergarten! It is a developmentally appropriate environment where the academics are geared to each child’s ability. If a child is reading, they will be supported and encouraged. If they are not yet reading, that’s fine, too. No one panics. It’s very refreshing to know the teachers support and teach children on many levels of the academic spectrum and everyone is considered developmentally normal.

Also, the Dining Room for Young Children, where children in grades K – 2 eat lunch, rivals something you would see on Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution! Chef Susan Pfaff serves nutritionally balanced meals that satisfy all palates, while serving a few things every day that ensure everyone can find something to enjoy. To Chef Pfaff, courage is tasting the vegetable before making the face. The children do not have to love each dish they are served, but they are asked to try a “kindergarten bite” of it. To my surprise, my son now enjoys veggie dogs and Chinese dumplings!

Thus far, my son’s favorite things about Kindergarten are playing on the balcony and hanging out with his Big Friend, a fifth grader who is his mentor and buddy for the year. But don’t take his word for it. If your child is a rising Junior Kindergartner or a rising Kindergartner, please join us for our “Come Take A Peek” experience on Sunday, April 18 at 2:00 p.m. Children will have the opportunity to experience a condensed version of a typical day, including classroom activities, music, P.E., and storytelling time in the library. As a parent, you will have a chance to observe your child participating in the magic of Summit School! (Contact to register for Come Take A Peek.)

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Mom of Boys said...

Both of my sons attended JK at Summit and LOVED it. The teachers helped develop confidence in my older son and patience in my younger son. The facilities, dedicated staff, programs, and experiences make for a wonderful first year of school.

Summit Teacher said...

My years teaching at Summit have been the best in my career!! It is a wonderful place to work and learn for all ages.

R.J.M. said...

We have been contemplating private school for a while now. I have heard nothing but wonderful things about Summit. Looking forward to checking it out myself to see if it is a good fit for my family.

Ashley said...

I feel so fortunate that my son has had the experience described above. He LOVES Summit and he is learning in a developmentally appropriate environment. He has the opportunity to do so many cool things and learns a great deal about a variety of topics. He loves all of the Staff at Summit. Next year our daughter will be in JrK. I am so excited for her to begin this wonderful educational journey!
I also teach in the Upper School at Summit. It is so fun for me to teach the 7th graders, when a love of learning has so obviously been instilled in them throughout their years at Summit.
Summit is truly a special place!

Anonymous said...

As a long time teacher at Summit School I can only say that it is I who loves and learns every day. This is a special place and not like any other school I have ever been a part of. As I seek to grow lifetime learners I grow and learn myself. Being here is just pure JOY!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a FABULOUS place to be!


Anonymous said...

We have considered moving our children to a private school and this sounds like a wonderul environment to be in. Thank you for the insight into Summit School.


Anonymous said...

My children attend Summit and they have loved every single day. They want to go school and rush me to get there each morning. I can't say enough about the teachers, the facilities and the programs. I toured an out-of-town friend yesterday and she was amazed at every turn!

Anonymous said...

I wish my childhood school up North was like Summit. We love it!

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