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Friday, May 8, 2009

Birthday Party Idea: Rockin’ Birthday Bash

By Guest Blogger K.C. Blackwell

Recently, my oldest son celebrated his 4th birthday. Our entire family loves music and I wanted to incorporate this passion with his latest birthday extravaganza. I decided on a “Rock” themed birthday. I usually decide my kid’s birthday themes several months in advance and search constantly for anything relevant to include.

The invitations were simple. I found flame clipart and a rocker font on the web and printed them at home. We are fortunate to have a neighborhood clubhouse we can rent for a nominal fee and I always hold parties there. I decided the theme colors were orange, red, black and yellow. I did simple decorations of streamers and coordinating balloons. When the kids arrived I gave each of them a blow-up flame guitar, (Oriental Trading Company), and then led them to the craft area. I set up a large table with all kinds of markers and rock-n-roll stickers, (guitars, stars, musical instruments, etc.). They were able to decorate their very own “Backstage VIP Pass”. (I made these at home with construction paper, my printer and ribbon.) I also included a tattoo parlor complete with water spray bottles and a large assortment of temporary tattoos, (Oriental Trading Company).

The kids had a blast getting ready to rock. I did simple snack foods in another room. I printed up small description cards for each snack and named them after my favorite bands. I included small pictures of the various bands’ album covers. For instance, Pearl Jam Pretzels with a small photo of their “Ten” album underneath.

I found an incredible kid’s DJ and hired them for one hour. When they arrived I let all the kids file downstairs. They played all kinds of music, taught dance steps and even gave out rockin’ inflatables to all the kids. Everyone had a blast! When the DJ’s finished, I brought out a guitar shaped cake for my son. I was fortunate that Wilton actually makes a guitar shaped baking pan. For all the other kids, I gave them each a cupcake decorated with a musical note.

As the kids were leaving, I gave them each a black goody back, decorated with foam red, yellow, and orange stars and the words “ROCK ON”. The bags contained Pop Rocks candy, star shaped sunglasses, rock-n-roll stickers and tattoos. Very simple. The party was a great success. Everyone had so much fun, and even the adults are still talking about it. Now….what to do for his 5th!

Great party idea, K.C! Let us know what you think!


Deborah said...

Sounds like a great party! Do you mind passing on the name of the kid's DJ?


Amanda D said...

Such cute ideas! We will be having my son's party at the house this year, so I would love to do something like this. Thanks for sharing your creative ideas!

Rachel H said...

Deborah, the DJ that K.C. used is in Atlanta, but I would love for others to add their recommendations if you have one in the Triad that you have used!

Of course I always recommend Big Bang Boom Band which isn't exactly a DJ, but tons of fun nonetheless! If you click on our Birthday Parties link, you'll see their write-up.

Sharon C said...

I don't know any professional DJ's who do kids' music, but we used my nephew, who is 18, as a DJ, and it worked out terrific! We supplied all the music and he supplied the equipment and was really good with the kids. Teenage relatives are an inexpensive way to go!
K.C. - I love all the themed foods. Great ideas!

Katherine said...

Thanks for all the comments! I love birthday parties! I've done an Under the Sea party, Frog party, Train party, and ball party, too. If you need any ideas, I love helping out!

amy said...

I would love for you to do a post on the Under the Sea Party! My daughter's favorite Disney character is Ariel, so I am sure that theme would help me incorporate The Little Mermaid into the birthday. Thank you!

Katherine said...

I would love to share my ideas from our Under the Sea party! I will write it up! :)

Katherine said...

I know that Wilton makes an Ariel cake pan!

MightyJen said...

I have a great DJ - Jake Lookabill.
Call his woman-behind-the-man Heidi at 413-8866.
Jake can do any themed party, bring his own equipment and lights and keeps it clean.
He did an awesome teen dance at the Catholic school and helped us with a break for the school auction. Everyone loved him and he even jumped in as last minute emcee!!! LOVED HIM!!!

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