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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Announcing our winners of the Disney on Ice Tickets

By Rachel H

Last Monday we ran this contest on TSP. Thank you SO much to everyone who entered the contest by spreading the word about our website. We had an abundance of new newsletter subscribers and we know it was because of you...

Last night we counted all the entries, and emailed these two ladies to ask for their pictures and tell them they had won and. They were both thrilled to know they would be taking their girls to this magical Disney performance! Jill Sherron of Winston-Salem (left) and Ashleigh Brown of Burlington (right) each sent out emails to over 195 people in the Triad telling them to check out our website! Holy macaroons! I think they were only one or two addresses apart, so we decided to call it a tie and award both families with a 4-pack of tickets to see Disney on Ice!

The TSP Team used our super-sleuth ways to double-check their email recipients and they were all lovely ladies and gents in the Triad, just as we requested! Jill and Ashleigh - you ladies are great and we thank you for your efforts! We hope you enjoy the show!


Katie M said...

Congrats ladies!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's a lot of names. I wasn't even close! Congrats.

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