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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Smarty Alert: Check Out Who Won Our Latest Giveaway!

By Katie M

A big congrats goes to Stephanie Piraino of High Point who won the latest Big Bang Boom give-away on Triad Smarty Pants! Stephanie was one of several readers who wrote to Noggin to promote our favorite children's band from Greensboro, and Big Bang Boom randomly selected her letter as the winner.

Stephanie and her husband, Anthony, have two children: Noah, a second-grader, and Becca who is in preschool. They are so excited to win this give-away because they love music. Says Stephanie, "While I personally don't have any musical talents, I love when my husband pulls out the guitars and the kids 'help' make music. There is so much terrific music for kids today and this is a great opportunity to bring professional live music right to our home and share it with friends and neighbors. We used to live outside of Philly and there is a great weeknight radio show for kids - that's how we started to learn that kids music is more than just lullabies and singing dinosaurs! We are so lucky to have Big Bang Boom right here in the Triad."

Stephanie became a TSP reader after she found us on Facebook, and now turns to the site often for consignment sales info! "Being transplants, there is still a lot we don't know about the area and Triad Smarty Pants is a great source of information - plus, it's fun," she adds.

Thanks for being Smarty, Stephanie! And have fun with Big Bang Boom!

Stay tuned because Triad Smarty Pants has another fantabulous give-away coming up in two days!!


Rachel H said...

Congrats, Stephanie!

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