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Monday, September 14, 2009

Fall TV Line-up - Set Your DVRs!

By Katie M

Aww, yeah! I am so excited to get some TV back this fall! And if you're just as ready as me, then be sure to read the full TV line-up below! Lots of new shows have already debuted but the majority start tonight though later this month, so the timing of this blog is all good. I tuned in last week to watch the premier of Melrose Place. I was a HUGE fan of the original series and I have high hopes for this season's show, but I have to admit the jury is still out. A few actors from the original cast did cameos and have - what looks like - promising re-ocurring roles - but I'm just not sure it will stand up to the original. We shall see. I am one who likes to pick a few shows each season and that's that. But, if Melrose pans out, then I may have to use my DVR more than the norm. Our house is also a huge fan of HBO shows like Big Love (me and my husband) and Entourage (my husband). I understand the series for Entourage is almost over, and I've been trying to figure out when Big Love starts up again - but no luck. If anyone knows, please share!

And, if you are a reality-show junkie like Rachel H, then be sure to scroll to the bottom of the list. All the returning reality shows - and new ones - are listed below. And, my all-time-favorite American Idol doesn't start until January, as usual. But, how excited are we to have Ellen replace Paula? I don't know about you, but I am! Keep reading to get the full scoop for fall TV, and be sure to pull out your calendars!

Monday, September 14
Gossip Girl - The CW
One Tree Hill - The CW

Wednesday, September 16
Glee - Fox
The Beautiful Life - The CW

Thursday, September 17
Bones - Fox
Fringe - Fox
The Office - NBC

Friday, September 18
Dollhouse - Fox

Monday, September 21
Castle - ABC
CSI: Miami - CBS
Heroes - NBC
House (two-hours) - Fox

Tuesday, September 22
NCIS: Los Angeles - CBS
The Good Wife - CBS
The Forgotten (new series) - ABC

Wednesday, September 23
Criminal Minds - CBS
Eastwick - ABC
Mercy - NBC
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit - NBC

Thursday, September 24
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - CBS
The Mentalist - CBS
Flash Forward (new series) - ABC
Grey's Anatomy - ABC

Friday, September 25
Ghost Whisperer - CBS
Medium - CBS
Numb3rs - CBS
Law & Order - NBC
Southland - NBC
Smallville - The CW

Sunday, September 27
Brothers & Sisters - ABC
Cold Case - CBS
Desperate Housewives - ABC

Monday, September 28
Lie to Me - Fox
Trauma - NBC

Thursday, October 1
Private Practice - ABC

Sunday, October 4
Three Rivers - CBS

Friday, October 9
Ugly Betty (two-hours) - ABC

Sunday, January 17, 2010
24 (two-hours) - Fox

Reality Shows

• Eddie Griffin: Going for Broke [VH1, Sept. 14, Mondays at 10]
• The Biggest Loser 8 news [NBC, Sept. 15, Tuesdays at 8]
• Launch My Line [Bravo, Sept. 16, Wednesdays at 10]
• Survivor Samoa [CBS, Sept. 17, Thursdays at 8]
• Extreme Cuisine with Jeff Corwin [Food Network, September 17, Thursdays at 9]
• Alone in the Wild [National Geographic Channel, Sept. 19, Sundays at 10]
• Dancing with the Stars 9 [ABC, Sept. 21, Mondays at 8, Tuesdays at 9]
• Brick City [Sundance Channel, Sept. 21 to 25 at 10 p.m.]
• The Naughty Kitchen [Oxygen, Sept. 22, Tuesdays at 10]
• Rescue Ink Unleashed [National Geographic Channel, Sept. 25, Fridays at 10]
• The Amazing Race 15 [CBS, Sept. 27, Sundays at 8]
• Extreme Makeover: Home Edition [ABC, Sept. 27, Sundays at 8]
• My Fair Wedding [WEtv, Sept. 27, Sundays at 10]
• The Hills [MTV, Sept. 29, Tuesdays at 10]
• So You Think You Can Dance 6 [FOX, Sept. 29, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 8]
• King of the Crown [TLC, Sept. 30, Wednesdays at 9]
• Bank of Mom and Dad [SOAPnet, Sept. 30, Wednesdays at 10]
• First In [BET, Oct. 2, Fridays at 10]
• Wedded to Perfection [TLC, Oct. 2, Fridays at 10]
• Bartender Wars [Fine Living Network, Oct. 2, Fridays at 10:30]
• Superfetch [Animal Planet, Oct. 3, Saturdays at 8]
• Next Iron Chef 2 [Food Network, Oct. 4, Sundays at 9]
• Gone Too Far [MTV, Oct. 5, Mondays at 10]
• Dirty Jobs [Discovery, Oct. 6, Tuesdays at 9]
• Man Shops Globe [Sundance Channel, Oct. 7, Wednesdays at 10 p.m.]
• Alaska State Troopers [National Geographic Channel, Oct. 7, Wednesdays at 10]
• Design Squad [PBS, Oct. 7]
• I’m Alive [Animal Planet, Oct. 9, Fridays at 10]
• Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan [National Geographic Channel, Oct. 9, Fridays at 9]
• Girls Next Door [E!, Oct. 11, Sundays]
• Leave it to Lamas [E!, Oct. 11, Sundays at 10]
• Million Dollar Listing [Bravo, Oct. 12 at 11, Mondays at 10]
• The 100 Mile Challenge [Planet Green, Oct. 12]
• Living with Ed [Planet Green, Oct. 21]
• The Academy: Orange County Fire [FOX Reality, Oct. 24, Saturdays at 9]
• Monica [BET, Oct. 27, Tuesdays at 10]
• Inside DTP [BET, Oct. 27, Tuesdays at 10:30]
• Ghost Adventures Live [Travel Channel, Oct. 30, 8 p.m. to 3 a.m.]
• Storm Chasers [Discovery Channel, October]
• Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew [VH1, Nov. 1, Sundays at 10]
• Steven Seagal: Lawman [A&E, December]
• Alchemy Reality [Travel Channel]
• American Ninja Warrior [G4]
• Architecture School 2 [Sundance Channel]
• Arranged Marriage [CBS, midseason]
• Bad Girls Club 4 [Oxygen, 2009]
• Be Good Johnny Weir [Sundance Channel]
• Buffalo Warriors [Planet Green, fourth quarter 2009]
• The Buried Life [MTV, December 2009]
• Celebrity Rehab 3 [VH1, fall] news
• Creature [Animal Planet]
• Ghost Lab [Discovery Channel]
• The Girls [Oxygen]
• High School Reunion 6 [TV Land, third quarter 2009]
• Hogs & Heifers [Oxygen]
• Jingles [CBS, constantly delayed]
• Kitchen Nightmares [Fox] news
• Lady and the Champ [Oxygen]
• Untitled Larry Birkhead series [E!, 2009]
• Lock ‘N Load [Showtime, 2009]
• Make My Day [TV Land]
• Monster Garage: Motor City [Discovery]
• Paranormal Cops [A&E, late 2009]
• Red Summer [Sundance Channel]
• Runaway Squad [A&E]
• Shear Genius 3 [Bravo] news
• Someone’s Gotta Go [Travel Channel]
• Southern Belles [SoapNet]
• Thunder Road [CBS]
• Toddlers and Tiaras [TLC]
• Top City Artist with Justin Bua [Sundance Channel]
• Untitled Tony Robbins show [NBC]
• Undercover Boss [CBS, midseason]
• Way Out [Showtime]
• When Women Rule the World [FOX, future uncertain]
• WWII in HD [History, 2009, fourth quarter]
• American Idol 9 [Fox, January, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 8]
• Seducing Cindy [FOX Reality, Jan. 30, Saturdays at 9]
• The Streets of America: The Search for America’s Worst Driver [Travel Channel, 2010, first quarter]
• Worst Cooks in America [Food Network, January 2010]
• The Entertainer of Love [VH1, 2010]
• Jilted [WEtv, 2010]
• Girl Meets Gown [WEtv, 2010]
• Little Miss Perfect 2 [WEtv, 2010]
• The Locator [WEtv, 2010]
• The Price of Beauty [VH1, 2010]
• Untitled Pepa series [VH1, 2010]
• Untitled Chili series [VH1, 2010]
• The Next Food Network Star 6 [Food Network, summer 2010]
• Celebrity Rehab Presents Sober House 2 [VH1, 2010]
• Circus [PBS, fall 2010]
• Worldwide Tribe [Travel Channel, 2010, first quarter]
• High School Confidential 2 [WEtv, 2013]

What are you looking forward to this fall? And what are your takes on some shows that have already premiered?


Rachel H said...

Oh my gosh - I had no idea there were so many reality shows. That is sad. My picks are America's Next Top Model, So You Think You Can Dance, and Survivor. Other than that, I am pretty much done with reality TV. American Idol takes WAY too long to go through the judges comments! I can't sit there any longer. I guess if I had a DVR, it would help. But my very favorite show is The Office. I think it starts this Thursday at 9pm. Can't wait!

Maythi said...

anyone know when LOST comes back on? sorry if i didn't see it on the list and it is on there - it was a pretty massive list of shows!

Katie M said...

I don't think Lost was on the list, strange. My husband is a huge fan and he said he thinks it starts in January.

Summer said...

I also had no idea that there were so many reality shows. Although, I really only watch Project Runway.
I swear!

Victoria said...

I started watching The Bad Girls Club on Oxygen and it was so juicy! If you were a MTV Real World fan, you would like it.

Anonymous said...

What about Cougar Town with Courtney Cox? It looks pretty funny!

Kari Foster Allison said...

I am so hooked on Biggest Loser now! They stepped it up a notch during this seasons premiere, pulling on the heartstrings like they are Extreme Home Makeover or something! :-)

I vow to workout more this season, hmmm, Biggest Loser or 30Rock? How can I watch both and get in shape too?

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