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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Smarty Mom: Dee Priddy

By Rachel H

When I think of the Priddy family, the first thing that comes to my mind is FUN! I met Dee and her husband, Jeff, about six years ago. As soon as we found ourselves side-by-side jamming to Usher’s “Yeah” at the annual church Valentine’s Dance, I knew we’d be friends!

Jeff and Dee have lived in the Triad for 15 years. They have three children, Paige (15), Jacob (11) and Lauren (10). These kids are so well-mannered and also FUN! My children think they all hung the moon.

Dee has spent many of her mom years volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House, coaching cheerleaders, and leading Girl Scouts. She has also been active in the Junior League and St. Leo’s church. Dee is also a great artist and has begun taking classes again over the past few years. On top of all this, she somehow fits in a full-time job. Dee is a realtor at Coldwell Banker’s Stratford Office and truly loves what she does. In her spare time, she also enjoys playing tennis, golfing, and boating.

I am excited for you to read Dee’s smarty answers …

Between your full-time job, volunteer positions, art classes, and three kids with a plethora of after-school activities, you obviously have great time management. Tell us your best tips for juggling all of this.
My best tip for juggling a busy life is to stay organized from the very beginning of each new endeavor and keep a family calendar up to date. I also couldn’t live without sticky notes!!!

Which volunteer organization has been the most rewarding for you?
My most rewarding was with the Forsyth County Broncos Pop Warner Little League. I coached cheerleading to 7 and 8 year olds. It was great watching them learn how to be team players and showing them how if they all work together the reward will be great. They had a non-competitive competition at the coliseum. I was proud to have been a part of it and loved seeing the smiling faces of the kids, as well as their parents.

Since you have lived in the Triad for 15 years, it must be great to show off our area to prospective clients. As a realtor, what is your favorite thing to show new clients?
My favorite thing to show new clients is our downtown. It has come such a long way in the 15 years I’ve been here. Between the history, the arts, the dining and entertainment, we are very lucky to have this as a part of our city.

What has been the biggest challenge of being a mom to three kids in their tweens and teens?
Definitely juggling their activities. It’s hard as parents when we have to split up for different activities and I’m not able to see one of my child’s games.

What is the smartiest way you save money?
Planning meals ahead of time. Sometimes the days get so crazy and it’s so easy to stop and pick up a meal, where I usually end up spending a lot more for it.

What is your favorite family activity?
We love going out on our boat. We keep it at Oak Island and love tubing, skiing and visiting different islands.

Favorite “me-time” activity?
My favorite me-time activity would be to work on an art project without any interruptions.

Favorite place to eat dinner as a family?
The Filling Station

Favorite date night spot?
Any restaurant downtown with some outdoor seating and live music.

Favorite book you have read?
My favorite genre of books are romance murder mysteries.

Best place to eat lunch with the kids?
A Mexican restaurant where there is always Tostito chips for them to snack on.

Favorite place to shop for children’s clothes?
Any one- stop shopping which is where they want to shop and don’t feel a need to go to ten different stores. Our latest is Sand and Surf Shops and Outdoor Provision types.

What is the best birthday party you have attended?
My own 40th birthday party that my husband threw for me. We had an acoustic guitar player, a martini bar and a fire performer. Wow, what fun!

What is your favorite mom’s must have item for around the house?
The Swiffer mops - wet and dry. They make my life so much easier. Broom, bucket, mop … way too much work.

Mini-van or SUV? SUV, but I’m ready for car.

Favorite park in the Triad? Tanglewood

Favorite or most helpful blog you have read on Triad Smarty Pants thus far?
My favorite blogs are “weekend events” it is so easy to see what’s going on around town for the family.

Best thing about raising a family in the Triad?
We are close to the beach and the mountains.

I could not live without my... Lowes Foods to Go

I wish someone had told me sooner about … I wish someone had told me that when choosing what to volunteer with when your child starts school, choose something where you’ll be with your child, because as they get older they won’t want you in their classrooms and that’s when you could volunteer in other areas.

Thank you, Dee, for all of your great advice. Let us know when you have some extra seats on that boat for us! :)

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Catherine said...

Love your last bit of advice about choosing to volunteer in situations where you can be with your child. I need to remember that!

Jenny R said...

4th Street Filling Station is the best! We love it, too.

Anonymous said...

Yay, Dee! Congratulations on being a Smarty Mommy!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome smarty-pants page. great advie big sis.

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