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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Got a Ladystache?

By Rachel H

So today we are going to get up close and personal with our readers to talk about something no one wants to talk about – the Ladystache, as I call it. Whether you have a fine dusting of blonde hair above your lips, or a pitch black moustache, help is here!

If you read my “Is it just me??” post, you may have seen this Sonic commercial I attached. YOU HAVE to watch this! It always makes me laugh because it is sad, but true.

My mom told me about this Lumina Finishing Touch Hair Remover last year. I tried hers and loved it. I went straight to Bed Bath and Beyond, used my 20% off coupon and bought one for myself for I think $14. I told some of my girlfriends about it and they instantly replied, “The one on the infomercial???” I had never seen the infomercial, but evidentially every else in the world had. Well guess what? This thing really works. You can get rid of your ladystache in just seconds. I have also found that it works like a charm for my son’s uni-brow! Poor kid. His eyebrows run together just a tad, so I can zap him with the Lumina and he is good to go.

There are numerous uses – hairy toes, nose hairs, little hairs on your chin … the list goes on and on. Zap em with this thing. Does it hurt? No way! I am the biggest wimp and I can tell you that you will feel nothing. (Although my nameless friend says she thinks it hurts just a tad. Whatever.)

So ladies, check out the Lumina here. I hope you will appreciate the fact that I just humiliated myself by sharing the ladystache story with all of the Triad. A little pain for me, but big gain for the rest of you who may need some help. I guess all my friends will now be checking out my upper lip.

You can order online or stop by Bed Bath and Beyond (don’t forget your coupon). I also saw that it was available on Amazon. You won’t be sorry!


Anonymous said...

I love that you "went there" with this. We moms need to know about these things, and who is going to tell us but other moms?

Anonymous said...

Very cool. Thanks for sharing. How often do you have to do this - is it similar to the timing when going in for hair removal/waxing?

Tracy said...

You ladies always make me laugh. This post is great. AND useful!

Maythi said...

who doesn't have a "ladystache"? you had me laughing out loud. hilarious. and that you (a) use it on your son and (b) that he lets you, made me laugh even harder. i love it. gonna have to use my 20% coupon for one of those. i had never even heard of it. must have missed the infomercial.

Rachel H said...

Anonymous, you can do this every few weeks, or even once a week if you wanted. It literally takes just a second, so you can fit it right in there between brushing your teeth and fixgin your hair!

Maythi - good thing my son is not much older to know I wrote that about him!

Katie M said...

I'll have to tell my friend in NJ about this! Her son is in 8th grade and she has been known to bleach his 'stach because she's worried he will get picked on! Oh, how I dread those days in the future. Thanks for the great post, Rachel!

C.D.H. said...

That Sonic commercial is so funny! I had not seen that one before!

Emily said...

Goin' to get one of those! Tweezers just don't cut it!
Thanks Rach!

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