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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Is It Just Me???? – Part II

By Rachel H

More random ramblings, thoughts and concerns from an everyday mom.
Is it just me who …

• Has a son and daughter who have figured out how to tinkle on the potty together at the same time?
• Was accused of stealing a $5 toothbrush attachment at the dentist’s office?
• Does not understand why so many people do not like coconut?
• Cannot read the word cupboard without saying cup-board?
• Has never seen “Jon and Kate Plus Eight”, but feels a little sorry for that mom with all the negative publicity, because if I had that many kids I think I’d be a little grouchy as well?
• Gets nauseous on the Merry-Go-Round?

• Thinks there is a HUGE difference between Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs? The eggs win – hands down.
• Thinks that the things that get on your nerves the most about people are the same things we miss the most when they are gone?
• Likes how Goofy does the “Hot Dog Hot Dog Hot Diggety Dog dance on Playhouse Disney?
• Doesn’t understand why every kid’s toy does not come with a bag or box for all the million pieces?
• Wishes I could work at Dundler Mifflin for a day?
• Thinks nothing is more beautiful than a child’s face while he is sleeping?
• Knows that my daily attitude is directly related to the weather outside and the cleanliness of my house?
• Thinks that many movies on the Family Channel are not very family-friendly?
• Has no idea what to do with a Pokemon card?
• Wishes everyone knew that “definitely” is not spelled “definately”?
• Saw a squirrel in my daughter’s bedroom and ran out screaming while I left her standing there?
• Thinks I probably should not have admitted the above statement?
• Cannot believe my parents let me watch Three’s Company when I was young?
• Loves to listen to my kids when they talk to themselves while playing alone?
• Knows what SYTYCD stands for and is not ashamed to admit that I went to see the live show?
• Had a 3-month-old who always chose the quietest moment at church to make loud grunting noises while he pooped in his diaper? Every week, people, every week!
• Does not understand the purpose of all the attachments, ties, and rubber wrappy-things that securely hook a toy to the box?
• Secretly likes when my children are feeling sick because I know they will cuddle with me?
• Cannot say, “You’re the best” to anyone without singing this song from Karate Kid?
• Likes to watch The Suite Life of Zack and Cody?
• Spends more money on my kids’ clothes than on my own?
• Finally understands why my mom did not want me going to Myrtle Beach with my girlfriends in high school?
• Thinks that it is so much easier to pop in an old VCR tape than have to skip all the previews and get to the main menu when we want to watch a DVD?
• Must have watched Savannah Smiles a thousand times when I was a child … and cried every time?
• Knows there are many times when I am talking to my husband that I realize he is not listening to one word I am saying?
• Backed my mini-van into a mailbox 5 years ago and still has not fixed the dent?
• Thought this was the best Sonic commercial of them all?
• Wants to stand on the side of the road with a sign that says, “My family wants to go to Disney” and see who gives me money?
• Thinks the smell of honeysuckle takes me right back to my childhood?
• Thinks that every mosquito in NC decides to come to my backyard when we have a cookout?
• Can’t help but get all teary-eyed when I hear a group of children singing?
• Has finally accepted the fact that my daughter will never eat a vegetable unless it is hidden in V8 V-Fusion?
• Wishes the birds could wait just one more hour before chirping outside my window in the mornings?
• Never realized that “Twinkle Twinkle”, “Baa Baa Black Sheep” and the ABC song were all the exact same tune until I had kids?
• Loves people who laugh really loud?
• Thinks they should name One-A-Day vitamins “One-A-Week”, because that is how often I actually remember to take them?
• Cannot pull myself away from shows like Brett Michael’s Rock of Love, Bad Girls’ Club and The Real Housewives of anywhere?
• Wears my Greek Week t-shirts to the Y and has no problem with the fact that they say 1992?
• Really likes that Rock Star song by Miley Cyrus?
• Is mortified when another adult has to ride in my mini-van and witness the trash and mess that we ride around in?
• Thinks that Mama Mia, Mean Girls, Shag, and Mystic Pizza are essential movies for a girls’ trip?
• Would be more than willing to pay someone to come to my house each morning in the summer and put sunscreen on my children for me?

Add your own “Is it just me’s” below and check out Is It Just Me Part 1 if you missed it last time!


Maythi said...

Rachel, Once again, great list :)
How do you come up with all these things? And I know about the merry-go-round, it's the weirdest thing. But I think it's directly correlated to having had kids - I never got queasy before. Someone should definitely (like my spelling) research why this happens...I know I am not the only one! Happy Thursday :)

Amy said...

I had not seen that Sonic commercial before, but I died laughing!
Doesn't every mini-van come with a dent when you buy it? I rarely see one that doesn't have one. :)

Naomi said...

It is just me who would sometimes prefer her son just pee in his diaper than have to rush to the potty, completely strip him, and then have to clean up after more pee ends up on the floor than in the potty?

Nikki Francis said...

Rachel, though we have still YET to meet, I am convinced there was a birth separation--me from you!

Jill B. said...

These are so fun! Here are a few more I thought of after reading yours:

1) never knew that saran wrap and Reynold's wrap had punch tabs on the side to keep the entire roll from flying out of the box.

2) thinks lightning bugs are fascinating

3) wonders if years from now we will look back on the pictures of us today and think what we had on was completely hideous

4) can't stop watching "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here"

5) thinks it is cute to see little blond kids with green hair from the pool

6) am never scared to honk my horn at someone, but am petrified if I have to pull up at a stop light next to them afterwards

Julee said...

Can't tell you how many times I thought "me too!" when I read this. The dent in the minivan is my favorite, "so it's not just me!" one. I hit the rock wall along our driveway about 5 years ago. Car door is still dented.

Angela said...

Did not realize all those tunes were the same until I read this-I guess this "really is just me!"

Jayna P. said...

Rachel- LOVE these!! But it surprises me that you did not know the tunes for the ABCs and Twinkle, Twinkle were the same...weren't you the one who discivered my old phone number (748-9795) was to the tune of Yankee Doodle?? Yes, everyone, try it out....

Anonymous said...

So funny! But what I want to know is how do you get your son to actually pee in the potty? I have three boys and a husband and no one seems to be able to get their urine in the toilet!

Carrie said...

Is it just me or did anyone else go check to see if saran wrap really does have tabs on the side to keep the roll from coming out? They are really there! How did I not know this?
FYI for those considering a trip to Disney (Rachel). There are huge discounts right now (until Dec. 23) for military families. Current and retired military members can purchase up to five 5 day passes for only $99! This is a huge discount. They also get a free pass for themselves and hotel and other discounts. Check it out at If anyone knows a retired member of the armed forces who wants to spend a week in Disney with three crazy boys and two exhausted parents let me know!

Ashley M said...

The Reeces Peanut Butter eggs ARE the best!! Yummy!! And, I had never seen that Sonic commercial!! TOO GOOD!!

Kari Foster Allison said...


You are good medicine, sister! I can identify with so many of these! I had forgotten about Savannah Smiles. Thanks! I think the new Land of the Lost movie is a poor comparison for the weird original that I somehow loved. Wish my husband would recognize that I am not the only mini-van mom with dents, it's a club! Thanks to all of you ladies for comraderie and laughs this a.m.!

Anonymous said...

Great post Rachel! My house is always open to you if you ever have a squirrel invasion again!

april said...

Rachel - Again, I laughed my way through reading these. I never know the ABC and Twinkle, Twinkle tune was the same until about a month ago. I also love to hear my son's voice as he talks to himself while playing. Sometimes he says the funniest telling his Little People they are in time away for not listening.

Three's Company. Oh my goodness! I did not watch it but I can recall hearing the commercials for it, "John Ritter and his two sexy roommates". I asked my mother was a sexy roommate was. Her response, "I'll tell you when you're 18 if you haven't figured it out by then". Hm - maybe I need to keep that response on file for the coming years!

Another great list by you...keep them coming, I love these posts.

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