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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Top 10 Blogs for Our First Six Months

By Rachel H and Katie M

This weekend marks six months since the launch of Triad Smarty Pants! We have had so much fun meeting Smarty Moms and Mompreneurs and sharing a variety of posts with you each day. One thing we have learned over the past six months is that there are so many wonderful businesses and events in the Triad that we never knew existed! Now that we are researching and talking to so many people who are involved in family-friendly activities, it has been even more rewarding to share what we have learned with other moms and to have our readers respond with ideas of their own.

We decided to take today to share with you our Top Ten Blogs from the past six months. We chose these 10 based upon the number of hits each one received, as well as the positive comments and emails we received from our readers. If you are new to the site, take some time to enjoy the blogs listed below. If you have been a loyal reader for the past six months, we hope you will enjoy reading some of these again or finding one you may have missed!

Thanks again for all of your emails and comments on the blogs. It helps us to see what our readers want to find out more about and see more of on the website! Some of our most read blogs are on Saturdays because we feature Smarty Moms who provide a wealth of information to our readers. We did not include the Smarty Moms as part of our Top Ten list, so be sure to click on the Smarty Mom link on the left hand side of this website to read about the terrific moms we have interviewed thus far.

Enjoy our Top Ten Blogs to date:

1. Smarty Give-Away: $1,250 of Mom's Favorite Things
2. Remembering Lillie and Helping Others
3. Smarty Picks for Summer Camps
4. Preparing for the EOG - Smarty Style
5. Grocery Shopping - Smarty Style
6. Favorite Parks: Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point
7. Family Food Co-op
8. Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Winston-Salem
9. What Do You Pack for Lunch?
10. Is It Just Me?

What’s been your favorite?

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Emily Halsey said...

I love them all, but I have to say Is It Just Me cracked me up. I still laugh to this day about some of the things on there, or if my kids do something, I'll literally think, "It' NOT just me!"

Sydney said...

I have enjoyed all the Day Trip blogs as well. I visit that link fairly often to get ideas for weekend activities.

gerri said...

What about the Homework Tips one? I really liked that one!

Kristie said...

I don't know how I missed the "Is it Just Me?" blog but I just read it today and that one is the winner in my book! It gives us all a sense of peace when we find out from our friends and other moms that all of the 'crazy' things we do are just normal things when you are a mom!

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