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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Triad Smarty Pants: Where Minivans Meet Manicures

We are thrilled to hear that Triad Smarty Pants is creating a buzz, and we are also receiving many questions about our site and what it’s all about. If you are a loyal reader, we may be telling you things you already know. But, if you’re new to the site, here’s the skinny on Triad Smarty Pants…

• We are a site that is managed and written by moms for moms, and no one knows better than us that being a mom is much more than a job. It's a full-time-never-get-a-break-don't-put-that-in-your-mouth-no-means-no-lifestyle filled with ups and downs, laughs and tears and memories by the minute. We know it can be confusing and completely overwhelming at times, and that's why we're here.
• Triad Smarty Pants is the sister site to Charlotte Smarty Pants, which was started by Jen B and Jen P in November of 2007. Charlotte Smarty Pants is now THE premier site for moms in Charlotte and has won more than one Best Local Blog award in Charlotte.
• Triad Smarty Pants was launched by Katie M in December of 2008.
• We are a local website with tips, tricks, links, resources, local reviews, and fun stories for moms in the Triad.

• We love to hear from dads, too!
• We write blogs that will pertain to pregnant moms up through parents of elementary school children, and we also try to throw in a few blogs for parents of tweens here and there!
• We try to keep our site simple and user-friendly. Therefore, we only post one blog a day. We will sometimes add Smarty Alerts when they arise.
• All blogs are categorized in the archives along the left side of the page.
• We hope you will use TSP as a tool to refer back to and find exactly what you are looking for by clicking on a category. (For instance, for birthday party ideas, pregnancy tips, tutoring, great parks, etc.) Another great place to find this information is under the Local Resources button on the right side of the website.
• The purpose of TSP is to build a community in the Triad where moms can share advice and tips on anything and everything mom-related.
• Katie M and Rachel H are the usual bloggers, but we always welcome guest bloggers too. So email us if you have something to share.
• We feature a “Smarty Mom” every Saturday. A Smarty Mom can be any mom living in the Triad who goes above and beyond the call of duty for others, someone who does incredible work for her family and a charitable organization, runs a company and a marathon, or is just simply lives the daily grit of motherhood! Smarty Moms are chosen by nominations from our readers and our TSP team.
• We feature Smarty Dads, too!
• Click on the button on the right called Family Events to find all kinds of events going on in our area. If you have one to share with us, pass it along.
• On Thursdays, our newsletter is sent out to subscribers. You can register for it by entering your email address in the pink box on the right. Only newsletter subscribers are eligible to register for giveaways and prizes. We will also include scoop and insights on local events and sales exclusively through our the newsletter.
• Every Monday throughout the 2010 spring and summer, we will feature a day trip. These may be in the Triad, or somewhere close by. If you have one to add, please contact us. We hope these will keep you busy throughout the summer!
• Hopefully you are seeing the trend that we want lots of involvement from our readers! We want our website to be a community. This is why we also encourage you to comment on any of our blogs. We want to know what works for you, what you like, and what tips you may have to add.
• We want to help Mompreneurs (a mom who has started her own business) promote their businesses. Please email us to receive information on how to advertise with us.
• We also accept advertising from companies whose products or services pertain to our readers. Our Smarty Sponsors are businesses we personally endorse. We know moms depend on other moms for trusted advice, and you can count on our seal of approval when you read write-ups on our sponsors.
• Since we are Triad Smarty Pants, we want to highlight all areas of the Triad. We hope to show readers in Greensboro and Winston all the wonderful things High Point has to offer for families, and vice versa. We hope that you’ll venture out to new places to try the museums, parks, and shops we introduce on the sight. We are all much closer than we realize!
• Our site thrives on the comments we receive at the end of every daily blog, so please do not hesitate to add in your two-cents. You always have the option to remain anonymous.
• We are on Facebook too, so if you are a user of that site, look for us there and join our group. You might also find discussion threads on our FB page that pertain to you.
• Most of all, we want our site to be fun! Tune in each day as you drink your morning coffee, or escape to us when you need refuge, or log on to TSP after you put the kids to bed.

Thanks for reading and remember ... we don't pretend to know everything but we'll provide plenty of info that we've learned through research, trial and yes, even error.

Please email us here with any questions or suggestions, or leave your thoughts in the comments below!


Katie M said...

This came in from a loyal TSP reader, and wanted to share:

As you know, I've been trying to cut down on my computer time to try to get outdoors/play with Joe a little more. With that being said, I have to thank you for Triad Smarty Pants! It's my "one stop shop," and I can be on and off the computer with a calendar filled with great events for the week/month in 5-10 minutes. The diverse topics that you cover in the blog are so helpful to me as a new mom and have really helped me learn how to be the best mom I can be! The products featured are wonderful, and I love that the recommendations are coming from trusted "mom friends!" Just wanted to say thanks! I love the site and go there once a day after checking my e-mail!
:) Anne-Marie S.

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