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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Smarty Alert: Creative Containers Sale is coming soon!

By Rachel H

We posted a blog about this sale in the spring, and it was one of our top blogs to date. We guess you Smarty Moms really like a bargain! So, mark your calendars because this Manufacturers Warehouse Sale is almost upon us once again. Mark your calendars for October 15-24th, 2009. They have a new location this year, 300 Highway 68 in Greensboro. It is right off I-40, so it's an easy trip.

If you've never heard of this sale, you can read our last blog here to find out the scoop! We'll send more info out with dates and times as the sale nears. In the meantime, start making those gift lists because there will be plenty of good bargains here!


Anonymous said...

This sale is the best. I got a bag full of gifts last year and they were all really cute things. Thank you for alerting us about this next one. I'm making a note of it now ...


Anonymous said...

YIPPEE! Love this warehouse sale!

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