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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Homemade Halloween Costume Contest

By Rachel H

It’s time for all you crafty moms to strut your stuff! We know Halloween is still two months away, but you need to get those creative juices flowing now to win this contest.

As you begin to think about this project, keep these three “C”s in mind: creative, child-friendly and cheap! Design your child’s costume and take a picture of him/her wearing it. Send the photo to by noon on October 8th. We will then post all of our contest entries on the website from October 9-14th. The TSP readers and your friends will have a chance to vote for your favorite homemade Halloween costume. We will then gather our top 5 winners with the most votes, and announce them on TSP. Not only will you win bragging rights of having the favorite Halloween costume, but you will also receive a family 4-pack of tickets to Disney on Ice AND your costume will be featured on Fox 8 Morning News on October 19th! Is this fun, or what????

Here are a few things to keep in mind ...

As stated above, our top 5 winners will have their costumes shown on the Fox 8 Morning News. You can choose to have you and your child appear on the news with the costume, or Katie and I can just show a picture of the costume and present it for you. On the news segment, we will ask you to please show all of the materials and steps involved in making the costume, so please be prepared for this. (Again, you and your child can be on TV to show the steps, or Katie/Rachel can get the materials from you and demonstrate it on the news. We realize that the thought of being on the news can be frightening and we don’t want to scare you away!)

The sky is the limit on imagination! All we ask is to try to keep the costume budget friendly and remember that a child actually has to wear it. (I remember my dad making a Hershey Bar costume for me out of cardboard one year and I think I fell over a thousand times trying to trick-or-treat around the neighborhood! Actually, I think I did this to my son two years ago when he wore a robot costume I made, and the box was way too big. Ooops.) Anyway, you can make a great costume on a budget. My kids’ costumes above were both completed for less than $15. Jake’s mummy costume was simply a few rolls of bandage tape wrapped around pants and a top. We did the top and bottom separately because it was easier for trips to the bathroom. Anna’s pizza costume was a big piece of foam that I spray painted and then hot-glued the felt toppings.

There is no time to waste – get moving now and get your photos sent to us anytime within the next month. If you are not Miss Crafty, but know someone who is, please pass this idea on! The more the merrier. Good luck!


Summer said...

This is a great idea, I"m hoping I can get around my procrastinator tendencies and enter!!

Laura said...

Love this idea and I think the costumes above are adorable. The mummy one is so simple, yet so cute!

Amy said...

I agree! Awesome idea! I made a costume for my son that he'll be wearing this Halloween, & it was very simple. It's nice for us moms to get a chance to dust the cobwebs off our imaginations from time to time....especially for something FUN!!!

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