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Sunday, September 6, 2009

BPA-Free Pacis By Request!

By Jenny D, Charlotte Smarty Pants

Many of you asked us to do some Smarty research on BPA-free pacifiers and teethers. Well, here you go! Here's a list by brand:

BPA & Phthalate Free Pacifiers:
- Playtex: Playtex “Binky” (one piece silicone pacifier), Binky Most Like Mother Latex Pacifier, Binky Most Like Mother Silicone Pacifier, Binky Angled Pacifier, Ortho-Pro Pacifier
- Gerber: NUK Original, NUK Classic, NUK Nautical
- The First Years: Soothies Silicone Paci’s, Safe Comfort, Ultra Kip
- Vice Versa Binky w/ Case
- Natursutten Natural Rubber Paci
- Evenflo: Mimi Soft Touch, Mimi Premium, Mimi Neo One-Piece, Vizion, Fuzion and Illuzion
- Gumdrop Silicon Pacifiers

Quick note: if the nipple of the pacifier is made of latex or silicone, the nipple is BPA-free. Some pacifiers, like Avent have silicone nipples, but the handle and front plastic contain BPA. I have also read to choose silicone over latex because of possible carcinogens found in latex (except in Natursutten).

Here’s a general list of pacifiers to avoid:
-Gerber: Natural Flex, NUK Button pacifier, Gerber Round Soft Center pacifier, Gerber NUK Fashion Silicone
-Evenflo: Vizion, Fuzion, Illuzion (only those not labeled as BPA free)
-Razbaby Keep-it-Clean

BPA & Phthalate Free Teethers:
- Sassy: Sassy Jelly Fish Teethers, Sassy Coolin’ Teether, Sassy Chilly Dilly Daisy, Sassy Teething Feeder, Sassy Teach Me Toothbrush Set, Sassy Teething Tunes, Sassy Gummy Guppy, Sassy Earth Brites Natural Wooden Toys, Sassy Buzz n’ Bites teether
- Luv n’ Care Icy Bite Teether
- Nuby: Nuby Jiggle Giggle Teethers, Nuby Nibbler, Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys on a Ring,
- Bug-A-Loop Teether, Nuby Icy Bite Teether Rings, Nibbler, Nuby Kool Soothers, Nuby Pur Icy Bite Teethers, Nuby Fun Teethers, Nuby Fun Links and Fun Links on a Ring
- Je Je Vibrating Teether (rubber)
- Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether, Vullie Chan Pie Gnon Teethers, Vulli Vanilla Flavored Chan Pie Gnon, Vulli Cool It Soother Chan Pie Gnon, Vulli Vulli Musical Fruit Keys, Vulli Rattle Key Chain, Comfor & Joy Teether (not yet available)
- Gentle Vibes teether
- Fisher Price: Laugh & Learn Learning Keys, Rainforest Monkey Teether,Rainforest Giraffe Rainstick Rattle, Miracles & Milestones Musical Zebra, Miracles & Milestones Sunshine Activity Ring, Miracles & Milestones Penguin Water Teether, Lil’ Laugh & Learn 1-2-3 Puppy Rattle
- Combi Teethers
- Bright Stars: Chill and Teeth Tubes, Licensed to Drool, Rattle and Spin teethers, fun links
- Gerber: Cooling Gum Soother, Cool Fish Soother, Cool Ring Soother, OrbiTeether
- Learning Curve: Cool Triangle Teether, Floating Friends, Soft teething beads, First Keys
- Camden Rose: Maple Teether and Waldorf Cheery Rattle/Teether

We hope you find this information helpful. I pulled this information from several websites and blogs, but I think the Soft Landing Blog has a pretty extensive list of non-toxic products. Let us know if you have any other tips to share!


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